Licensing EasyDCP

EasyDCP from Fraunhofer IIS provides the highest quality and most efficient way to read and write DCPs in the editing, compositing and finishing packages supported by MediaReactor Workstation.  EasyDCP requires a secondary license from Fraunhofer IIS in addition to the MediaReactor Workstation license.  There is an application called License-EasyDCP, which is provided with MediaReactor workstation to generate the request and apply license.  This article covers the steps required to license it.


Generate License & Certificate Request


1.  Start License-EasyDCP from your MediaReactor install:


License-easyDCP startmenu


2.  Provide a URL (e.g. your company's URL) and a password.

NOTE:  The password is NOT related to your user account at

NOTE:  Please provide an active URL that belongs to your company.  URLs like will not be accepted if you are not working for google.


License-easyDCP urlpassword


3.  Click the OK button.  This will bring up the main License-EasyDCP interface.


4.  Click the Generate button in the upper left to generate the License & Certificate Request:


License-easyDCP app-generate


5.  You will be asked to provide the same URL and password again.  Fill them in and click the OK button.


License-easyDCP urlpassword-set


NOTE:  Please don’t use the Upload License & Certificate Request button shown in the next dialog since the web-shop is currently not prepared to deliver Licenses & Certificates for the Drastic EasyDCP-plugin.


6.  Click <CTRL>-S to save the request to the computer clipboard.  Run Notepad, and click <CTRL>-V to store it in notepad.  Save the result in a file with an .html extension to your drive.


7.  Send the HTML file to your contact person at Fraunhofer IIS.  If you do not have a contact person, please write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get one.


Import License & Certificates to Activate EasyDCP


1.  Repeat steps 1-3 from the steps above.


2.  When the main interface comes up, click the Import button to import the license sent by Fraunhofer IIS.


License-easyDCP importliccert


3.  Browse to the License & Certificate set you received from your contact person at Fraunhofer IIS.  It will have the extension *.easyDCP


License-easyDCP fileselecteasydcp


4.  Once you select the License & Certificate set, you should see the following dialog telling you that both the license and certificates have been accepted and copied into the proper location.


License-easyDCP licensecomplete


MediaReactor Workstation should now be able to read and generate DCPs without limitation.