Drastic Releases Version 4 of DrasticPreview Media Player

Drastic releases version 4 of DrasticPreview. New formats include h.264/AVC, Sony XAVC-S MXF, and proxy formats. Zoom and pan added, plus refined interface with up to 16 audio meters.


Drastic has release DrasticPreview version 4. It is normally priced at $99.00 US, but for the next two weeks for members of this mailing list, it is be able at half off for $49.00 US! It can be downloaded here:



Here is the press release:


Toronto, ON. January 23, 2013 – Drastic Technologies has released version 4.0 of its production and broadcast media player DrasticPreview containing new features, new file formats and now supporting Apple OS-X as well as Windows 32/64.

DrasticPreview has a new 'all in one' interface that brings all the features of DrasticPreview together in one window. The new interface has two different 'looks', a 'player' and a ‘gloss’ skin are provided each with up to 16 audio level meters.

Real time zoom and pan support lets you look at the fine details of video for compression and capture quality assurance. The transport control surface may be unlocked to provide a true full screen mode with optional time code overlay.

Some of the new formats include:

- 10 bit and greater h.264/AVC part 10

- HDCam SR/Lite/444 MXF

- Sony X-AVC MXF

- Sony MP4/MPEG-2

- MXF with h.264/AVC essence


- Canon MXF

- RMF Canon Raw

- Y4M/Siv/Seq raw support

- Enhanced proxy format support, like webM, swf and mp4/264

James Brooks, CTO at Drastic, says, “Our formats, OS and interface have continued to evolve in response to client feedback”. He continues, “With the new features, DrasticPreview is now an incredible bargain for post production and other content creation professionals.”

For info or demo, visit: www.drasticpreview.com

Contact: Corey Cousineau, Sales Support Coordinator

Phone: 416.255.5636

Fax: 416.255.8780

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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