Drastic MediaNXS v6 Released

Drastic announces version 6 of MediaNXS with features for editors, broadcast and production, including support for DPP, HDF, edit while ingest and a new, faster UI.


  Drastic Technologies Releases Version 6 of MediaNXS Software HDSDI HDMI IO
New Formats, New Features

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MediaNXS V6 Capture/Playback Software

provides advanced HDSDI/HDMI I/O features for the digital intermediate workflow.  Integrate easily with industry standard automation and controllers, and control external VTRs for pull-ins and laybacks. Version 6 adds a range of new tools and format support for edit, production and broadcast.

... for Editors

- New instant record pre-allocation
- Native Adobe Edit-While-Ingest MXF support
- Avid OP-Atom

Camera Files Added
- Sony XAVC and XAVC-S MXF and MP4 files
- Panasonic AVCi, Varicam 444 and OP1b files

... for Production and Broadcast

- OP1a MPEG, AVCi, DNxHD, DVHD and uncompressed support
- HDF MXF (for German broadcasters)
- DPP MXF (for UK post production and broadcasts)

... for Closed Captions

- OP-47, 708 and 608 Closed Captions support

... Hardware Support

- AJA, Bluefish444 and Blackmagic

Demo MediaNXS V6 Now

Demo downloads are now available for MediaNXS Version 6. Please visit www.medianxs.com.

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