4KScope New Features and GXF Reader 2.0

Drastic announces 4KScope version 2 with OP-47, BT.2020, hold and compare mode and enhanced Data View.  GXF Reader version 2.0 release features multichannel audio, packet search, time code, closed caption and file format additions.


4KScope Adds OP-47, BT2020/Rec.709 and New Data Views dt-logo-256 256 grade
GXF Reader 2.0

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4KScope Important New Features

4KScope has fully integrated BT.2020 and Rec.709 color spaces in 4K and QHD.

OP-47 captions have been added, and CEA 608 and 708 captions have been updated.

A new 'hold and compare' mode has been added, designed for comparing multiple camera and/or other signal sources.

The enhanced Data View mode provides a point and click line selection, better interlace line description and a pixel start indicator.

Learn more about 4KScope: www.4kscope.com

GXF Reader 2.0

Drastic has implemented its GXF Reader 2.0. Critical features include:

  • Full Time Code and Closed Caption support for Line 21 SD, CEA 708/608, OP-47 Teletext
  • MPEG-2, DV, DVCPro, DVCHD, AVCi-100, AVCi-200
  • Multi-channel audio support (up to 16 channels)
  • Packet search for partial or corrupt files

The improved GXF reader is featured across the Drastic product line, including DrasticPreview Pro, MediaReactor and MediaNXS.

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