CC Subtitles, Nexidia and Kinefinity Support

Drastic adds EBU, SoftNI, YouTube, iTunes, Timed Text, SubStation Alpha, Digital Cinema (2007/2010) and XML/CSV/JSON/Text closed caption formats.  MediaReactor and DTMediaRead add Kinefinity DNG and KRW raw support.  Nexidia selects Drastic DTMediaRead for its server based dialog search and access platform.


New CC/Subtitle Formats, Nexidia & Drastic and Kinefinity Mini/6K Support dt-logo-256 256 grade

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New Closed Caption Formats

ccConvert, DrasticPreview and DrasticPreview Pro have added new closed caption and subtitle format support for display and conversion. Along with the current MXF/LXF/GXF/TS/MCC/SCC/AAF, the readers/writers also include EBU, SoftNI, YouTube, iTunes, Timed Text, SubStation Alpha, Digital Cinema (2007/2010) and XML/CSV/JSON/Text formats. Uniquely, ccConvert allows interchange between all these formats and Avid's AAF in both directions.


Nexidia, Avid And Drastic

Nexidia has leveraged the power of Drastic's Media Read/Write API to provide simple and blazingly fast access to many file types, including Avid Interplay's Avid Everywhere compressed MXFs. The DTMediaReadWrite interface provides a simple API to the widest number of file formats of any reader API on the market. For more information on Nexidia's Dialog Search product, please see:

Kinefinity RAW Format Support

Kinefinity cameras provide high quality/high resolution raw capture with cost effective bodies and accessories. Drastic now supports the Kinefinity DNG and KRW formats for the DrasticPreview family and the MediaReactor Workstation products. Drastic Kinefinity support will also be rolled out soon in Assimilate's Scratch family, powered by DTMediaRead.

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