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Drastic Technologies Releases For Adobe Premiere Pro Workflows

Drastic Technologies Releases For Adobe Premiere Pro Workflows

Free FlowCaster Offer

flowcaster live edit review

For a limited time, the site will be available for use at no charge. Now Adobe creative software users can check out this important collaborative tool for their remote real time edit review, and collaborative group review, and save time, gain feedback from all stakeholders, and deliver content faster.
Read all about it in the below Adobe-Drastic Press Release. For Adobe Workflows

Toronto, April 21, 2022 – Drastic Technologies today announced the release of FlowCaster, a complete set of tools for secure, real-time, collaborative content review. FlowCaster provides a distributed Live Edit Review by securely sending high-quality video over the internet at near real-time speeds. This allows FlowCaster to appear as a physical output within a group meeting, using the highest quality audio and video sent from Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications, including Adobe Premiere® Pro panel. The video is transported member to member without ever landing on a server, using full end-to-end encryption, at typically less than five frames latency. FlowCaster features a notebook and telestration, so participants can make time code stamped collaborative comments, emoji, and drawings, which can be exported for use directly on the Premiere timeline or viewed in the Adobe panel.


FlowCaster Live Edit Review uses its native transmitter plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro (as well as After Effects, Encore, and Character Animator) to send high-quality audio, video, time code and captions to a edit session. Members of the production team also log in to from anywhere and are directly connected to the editor and other participants inside an end-to-end encrypted channel. Working together, decisions on the production can be made and noted in the session with time code-accurate comments, and drawing tools including arrows, lines, rectangles, circles, and freehand. The session can then be exported and later imported back into a session, or imported directly into Adobe Premiere Pro as markers with all of the drawn elements added as a new video track, making it easy for the editor to implement the required changes., an Adobe company, sessions can also be imported/exported in the workflow.


The FlowCaster transmitter can also provide SRT, RIST, RTMP, WebRTC, WHIP, NDI, CDI and SMPTE 2110 outputs. These signals can be received by a variety of free software, like VLC, and Drastic’s FlowCaster Apps for IOS, Apple TV and Android. For high-quality, multi-platform, videoQC supports playing more formats for Windows, macOS and Linux. There are also a number of hardware decoders available from AJA, Haivision and others.


Inside the secure pipe are up to 32 channels of high-quality audio and the user’s choice of lightly compressed video, using h.264 or h.265/HEVC and up to 10 bits per pixel component. Any video resolution and frame rate is supported, and quality settings allow for even low bandwidth connections to take advantage of FlowCaster.


More details can be found on the FlowCaster product page, at:

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