VTR Replacement in Post Production Workflows

sony vtrAs workflows become more and more file-based, the need for traditional VTRs is waning.  Most post production equipment has a very good understanding and control of VTRs via RS-422 serial protocol.  Connecting modern file formats to traditional VTR control requires a wide support for file formats, and a mature and robust RS-422 serial device control.  Through Drastic's over 20 years of experience, we have both.

MediaNXS with the 9 Pin Serial Option

 medianxs logo approved MediaNXS plus the optional slave mode Serial Control Option provides a cost effective solution for VTR replacement. Drastic's wide file format support is included in the MediaNXS HD and MediaNXS 4K versions, enabling a host of work flow advantages at an attractive price point. MediaNXS is an end user software for which the user provides the hardware. 

Drastic DDR with built in 9 Pin Serial Control

typhonbug  Drastic DDR provides the fullest expression of Drastic's functionality. This OEM software features full serial control, both controlling external VTRs and supported DDRs for laybacks and pull-ins, as well as operation under serial control (VTR style slave mode). The user may choose from several interfaces (including MediaNXS), each tailored to specific work flows. The included SyncControl Pro software will control other Drastic DDR, MediaNXS and dTouch systems for multiple system synchronized capture or playback. MediaReactor transcoding and plug in features provide for seamless integration within most major file format based broadcast and production environments. 

Batch Capture Digitizing Tape To File Cost Effectively

rs422button Drastic provides control over external VTRs within MediaNXS and Drastic DDR, for batch digitizing from tape. Capture from the VTR to a series of discrete clips, or to Drastic's timeline, into the file format best suited to the application. Drastic's robust serial control functionality produces frame accurate pull-ins to hundreds of industry crucial file formats which function as identical to those generated on native hardware.