Network Video Analyzer

Network Video Analyzer - SMPTE 2110/2022

nva logo 100Drastic's Network Video Analyzer is the world's most powerful 4K through SD software signal monitoring tool and network image analyzer.  It includes waveform (luma, YCbCr, RGB), vectorscope, histogram, chromaticity, and data/picture monitor for video.  Audio histogram, phase, RMS, peak and loudness monitoring for up to 16 channels.  Raw hex views of the video and OP-47/CEA-708/CEA-608 closed caption decoding, with support for CCIR-601, Rec.709 and BT.2020 color spaces and HDR10/ST2084/PQ and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) support. Designed to work directly with a 10G+ network card or to take advantage of an AJA or Matrox IP Video IO board, The Network Video Analyzer provides the most cost effective SMPTE 2110 signal monitoring solution available.

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