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DrasticPreview Professional Media Player

DrasticPreview is a professional media player for formats used in the broadcast and production industries. DrasticPreview supports today's most important file types, and includes a number of others we've added over the years. This innovative software allows the user to view their files on a VGA/DVI monitor without tying up the native, or even compatible (typically in high demand) production or broadcast device or application. Play media for collaborative and review applications, scene marking and EDL construction. Play media stranded by failed or unavailable legacy devices or applications. Play all your files from one station, using one application.


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90 Seconds with DrasticPreview


The main GUI offers a full range of transport controls for forward and reverse playing and cueing, displays time code and audio levels, playback mode, and file name, and shows a slider to indicate the current position within the clip. The on-screen viewer window may be scaled to effectively accommodate varying viewing requirements, including a full-screen mode.

Media can be selected through a standard browse approach, or dragged and dropped onto the display window. Once loaded, the clips may be played or viewed in various playback modes, including normal, looping, and palindromic. DrasticPreview provides a full range of keyboard/number pad commands for transport control and other settings, and window resizing including zoom and pan controls.  Cut, copy and paste (CTRL+X/C/V) or timecode is also available for moving timecodes to text documents, spreadsheets or TCCalc.  Pasting timecode will automatically seek the file to that point.


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