videoQC Network Stream Playback

dt logo 1.5inchDrastic's videoQC support playing back a variety of network audio/video ip protocols including:  UDP, RTP, RTSP, SRT, NDI and SMPTE 2110/2022.  This document describes how to access network streams with videoQC..

videoQC Network Stream Playback

videoQT supports playing back a variety of network video protocols.  To attach to a network ip stream, run videoQC and select "open stream"

 videoQC open stream

This will bring up the open url dialog

videoqc open url

This is where you can enter the network URL.  It will also remember the last 10 URLs you have used.

  • UDP - udp://
    • Multicast or direct address plus port
  • RTP - rtp://
    • Multicast or direct address plus port
    • Also support TR-01
  • SRT - srt://
    • Multicast or direc address plus port
    • mode=
      • listener
      • caller
      • rendezvous (not supported yet)
    • password=<password>
    • user=<user>
    • Reader Only Settings:
      • MinFramesToBuffer=#  the minimum number of frames to leave buffered (def: 2)
      • FramesToBuffer=#  the maximum allowed number of buffered frames (def: 20)
  • RTSP - rtsp://
    • The RTSP string is completely dependant on the source
  • NDI - ndi://USER-PC (Logitech QuickCam 9000)
    • The string after ndi:// will be defined by the stream source. 
    • The dialog will attempt to find local streams and populate the drop down
  • SMPTE 2110/2022
    • See the NetXCode or NetworkVideoAnalyzer setup