Tips, tricks, FAQs and technical information for Drastic hardware and software products

Drastic EDL Format

dt logo 1.5inchThe Drastic EDL format uses the same basic layout as a CMX, GVG or Sony 91xx series EDL. The main differences are the 'Type:' header and the file name in the comment. The comment is broken up into two sections: The initial comment after the ';' and a file name after a second ';'. This page describes the exact format used.

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Controlling DrasticPreview

dp logoDrasticPreview and DrasticPreview Pro can be called by external applications with command line parameters.  If there is already an instance of the application running, the parameters will be transferred to the running instance, and the called one will exit.  This is especially useful where the workflow requires the system to display particular aspects of a clip in an automated fashion.

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Drastic DT3D Stereo File

dt logo 1.5inchThe Drastic DT3D stereo file is an XML based re-director file that can merge two separate 'eye' files into a stereo pair, as well as adding audio and optional closed captioning. The stereo file reader will open two video files of the same file type, and internal compression type, and an optional set of audio files, and combine them for 3D use in videoQC, DrasticDDR, MediaNXS, MediaReactor and other Drastic products.

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Simple Quality Measurement (MRAnalyze)

mr wks logoMediaReactor includes tools it uses to automatically check QA translations using industry standard metrics.  This tool, called MRAnalyze, can be used in conjunction with DrasticPreview Pro to provide both objective and subjective analysis of converted or recaptured video material.  This article provides an overview on how these tools work and can be applied to various video workflows.

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