Live Multi Channel Recording and Editing

multiddr smallDrastic DDRs provide a number of ways to record multi-camera live events in a variety of file formats.  Files are perfectly synchronized, recorded as single or file segments and in a variety of native formats like MXF, MOV and still formats.  These records can also be edited as they are being recorded using MediaReactor Workstation and your favorite editor including Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer/Symphony/NewsCutter, Apple Final Cut Pro and Assimilate SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab.

Multichannel Recoding on the Typhon DDR

Drastic's Typhon digital disk recorder (DDR) is a fully integrated system with support for uncompressed and compressed single or dual link SD/HD/2K/3G/3D capture, transcoding and output. Up to 4 channels internally may capture directly into the file formats required by your work flow. The included SyncControl Pro software provides for synchronized capture, so that captured files have matching time code, and multiple views may be compared with frame accuracy.

Multichannel Recording on Krayken DDRs

The Krayken DDRs are single rack unit DDRs designed so that multiple Kraykens may be integrated via network control to capture to network attached storage (NAS) via gigabit ethernet. Up to 12 Krayken 'heads' may be set up for capture, output, editing and transcoding. The included SyncControl Pro software provides for synchronized capture, so that captured files have matching time code, and multiple views may be compared with frame accuracy.

Live Editing of Recording Material

Drastic's MediaReactor Workstation plug-in architecture operates seamlessly in the background, allowing live editing of a file as it is being recorded, prior to a minimal follow distance. Simply add the file to your preferred editing software package and begin assembling the deliverable without waiting for end of capture. Use your Assimilate SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab, Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer, Adobe products, QuickTime and DirectShow based production tools for a streamlined, direct to finished product workflow that is both convenient and economical.

Massive Recording, Playback and Editing Example (NASA)

Drastic together with partner 1Beyond has installed more than 50 dTouch based systems to monitor launches at NASA.  These servers are broken up into 8 players, 42 recorders and spares.  The recorders each record one camera from the launch area for up to 72 hours and decode and save embedded IRIG time code.  The 8 players can be used individually or as a group, to play back video from any camera at any point in the recorded file.  The players can run in sync mode, allowing real time, multiple angle view of events at the same time.  Adobe Premiere is also used to edit in real time while recording, from any of the cameras without interrupting the records.

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