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Signal Analysis Tools Comparison

Our signal analysis tools are available at different levels to support various workflows. sdiScope/ndiScope provides a range of tools for SD/HD analysis and supports 2 channels of audio. 4KScope handles up to 4K signals, and adds 16 audio channels and a host of other features. HDRScope is designed especially for high end 8K and HDR work. 2110Scope adds SMPTE 2110 and optionally TR-01 signal support.

If you need to review media files, or IP streams other than NDI or SMPTE 2110, please see videoQC.

Use the Compare Versions button below to view a series of charts that compare all the features of our signal analysis tools.

2110Scope is designed to monitor SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022 and optionally, baseband video signals and TR-01. It supports SDR and HDR image analysis with support for 601, 709, 2020, HDR10 and WCG color spaces, and can view from SD/HD all the way up to 8K signals.


HDRScope is the world's most powerful 8K through SD software signal monitoring tool and HDR image analyzer. HDRScope includes all of 4KScope's features, and adds SUHD (7680 x 4320) and 8K (8192 x 4320) support, YCbCr and RGB composite waveforms, and MaxCLL/MaxFALL display in GUI.


sdiScope software provides a set of scope tools for signals from SD up to 1080p60 HD and everything in between. sdiScope supports various hardware including Bluefish444, AJA, Matrox, NewTek NDI® or Blackmagic's SD and HD (up to 60p) capture cards in both CCIR-601 and Rec.709.


4KScope lets you view from SD/HD up to 4096 x 2160 4K signals through a range of professional scope tools, with closed caption display, 16 channels of audio, ScopeDirect support, HTTP web server, a REST API for control, and a whole lot more.


Blackmagic's UltraScopeTM and Pocket UltraScopeTM are handy devices that provide a basic set of waveform/vectorscopes for Windows or macOS machines. Get even more out of your hardware with the sdiScope Upgrade for UltraScope. sdiScope adds more scopes and features to UltraScopeTM hardware, UltraScopeTM compatible devices and even your other Blackmagic hardware.


ndiScope software provides a real time, professional quality signal analysis tool for on set, production, post production, and research and development environments. ndiScope is designed to monitor NDI signals from SD up to 1080p60 HD and everything in between.


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