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The FlowCaster software provides a secure connection from your creative software to a local monitor, no matter where the software or the monitor is.  FlowCaster lets you keep your creative software and media in your facility or cloud, while allowing your editors and artists working remotely to get the pixel perfect display they need to create their magic.  FlowCaster provides direct plugin for most creative software, and bridging software to share any other software they need.  The video is transported via the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, with full end to end encrytion, low latency and excellent error recovery.  FlowCaster also support UDP, RTP, RTMP and WebRTC for alternate workflow sharing.  Inside the secure pipe are up to 32 channels of high quality audio and your choice of lightly compressed video, using h.264, h.264/HEVC or JPEG-2000 up to 16 bits per pixel component.  SDR and HDR/HLG signals are supported, as well as alternate colourspaces like Rec 709, BT 2020 and P3.  Any video resolution and frame rate is supported, and quality settings allow for even low bandwidth connections to take advantage of FlowCaster. 

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