Net-X-Convert & Proxy

Command Line File Conversion

Net-X-Convert provides a command line transcoding solution so you can work in your preferred format and effectively deliver the required files for the job. The more economical Net-X-Proxy provides an expandable solution for the creation of proxy files, using the same command line structure.


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Net-X-Convert and Net-X-Proxy

Net-X-Convert provides a highly robust solution for large scale transcoding requirements. Transcode automatically to the widest range of industry standard formats, from the instant files are received, to multiple targets from collaboration and editing formats, through to full resolution delivery formats. Command line functionality provides a 'set it and forget it' approach to the ever increasing number of required formats used in file based content creation and delivery.

The cost effective Net-X-Proxy provides an expandable solution for the creation of proxy files, using the same command line structure.

Wide Industry Standard Support

All signal and file formats are supported with the same version. There are no restrictions in size, so all standard sizes are supported. Create and maintain media files for all of your applications and devices, without proprietary restrictions. Use the devices you prefer, the formats best suited to the application, and the workflow that best meets your requirements.


Wide Conversion Support

Net-X-Convert and Net-X-Proxy showcase Drastic's 20+ years of expertise in file format support.  Almost all broadcast and post production formats are supported, including the latest camera raw formats.  Files are automatically stitched together to provide single clips that include multiple video, audio and metadata files.  Time code, metadata and closed captioning are preserved, on everything from high resolution camera inputs to MP4/DASH and HLS outputs.  Sources and targets for conversion can be local drives, network shares, HTTP/FTP, Google Cloud, and Amazon S3 storage.  The conversions can even be run in a cloud instance VM.

Wrapping, Clipping, Combining and Partial File Restore

When converting files with Net-X-Convert, the output file can be a direct re-wrap, without conversion, of any section of the original file.  Sections may be defined by absolute time into the file or by the time code present in the files.  Files may also be converted to new file formats and compression types during the clipping process.  EDL and EVS CSV lists can be used to create single output files from a variety of edits in a single pass. 

Extract and Embed Video, Audio, Metadata, Closed Captions

Various tracks may be exported from files, including video, audio, metadata and closed caption tracks.  Metadata is generally transported in an Adobe XMP compatible wrapper.  Audio can be extracted to AIFF or WAV for further processing.  Closed captions work natively as MOV Text, MXF 436, MCC and SCC files, but many caption formats are supported including AAF, SubRip, SubStation Alpha, VTT, ITT, XML, CSV, Text and many more.  Tracks may also be added to, or they may replace, output tracks when converting or clipping.  Multiple outputs can be generated with different audio, metadata and closed caption tracks.  Simple captions like SRT/VTT/SCC can be upconverted to MCC/SMPTE436 with full conversion, not just compatibility bytes.

Thumbnails and Preview

Net-X-Proxy/Net-X-Convert also support JPEG file extraction for thumbnails and preview.  JPEG files can be extracted as a single file from any absolute or time code based point in the file.  Also, a series of JPEG files can be extracted at a certain distance from each other to make a pop up thumbnail preview for a web player.

Direct Command Line

Net-X-Convert can help you process existing file libraries or incoming files directly from your MAM software as a direct command line. There are versions of Net-X-Convert and Net-X-Proxy specifically integrated with the eMAM line of products, so eMAM clients can seamlessly add these transcoding and proxy creation tools directly into their workflow.

Proxy Content for Review and Collaboration

Net-X-Proxy can create low resolution (or proxy) streaming files to share with your team via local share, HTTP or dedicated MAM.  Net-X-Proxy supports output to MP4, fragmented MP4, TS, M3U8/HLS and DASH formats, including multi bitrate outputs.  As much metadata, time code and caption information as possible is maintained in each of the proxy formats.  Metadata and closed caption tracks can also be extracted to add more information into your MAM. Net-X-Convert includes all of Net-X-Proxy's capabilities.

Application Compatibility and Conversion

Net-X-Convert provides transcoding to and from the industry's most popular software editing applications. Transcode files for Autodesk Smoke/Flame/Maya, Assimilate SCRATCH, The Foundry Nuke, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Eyeon Fusion, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, and many more.

editors convertproxy


Net-XConvert and Net-X-Proxy feature command line operation only.

However, larger, enterprise level transcoding workflows can be more efficiently managed using the REST API, which is provided through Net-X-Code Server. Here are some details about the API.

Net-X-Code API

Command Line

Here are details regarding command line operation:

netxcopy: Wrap, Convert, Extract, Thumbnail and Index Media Files
netxcopy -s <sourcefile> -t <targetfile> [-a <ackfile>] -p <profile> [-in <00:01:00:00> -out <00:02:00:00> -fg]

-s <sourcefile> - The source file name and path
-t <targetfile> - The target file name and path
-a <ackfile> - The ACK file name and path. This is the XML acknowledgement file made after a copy
-p metadata - Return XMP metadata for a media file
-p cardinfo - Return XML/JSON info on clips on a camera card
-p dir - Return XML/JSON directory listing
-p clipfiles - Return all the files associated with a media clip
-p md5 - Calculate or check the MD5 value source, send compare string as target
-p <profile> - Profile to use. Current profiles include:
    > copy - copy the whole file
    > wrap - re wrap file or part of a file
    > index - create an RTIndex for a file
    > caption - #- Extract captions from a file(see types below)
    > cardinfo - cardinfo
    > dir - dir
    > clipfiles - clipfiles
    > md5 - create md5
    > xmp - create xmp
    > picon - create picon
    > metadata - show metadata
    > getCopyInOut - get the extents required for a pfr, or use them with a temp file
    > getFirstAndLastTimecode - get the first and last time code of a file
    > examine - Show file info
    > mov-YCbCr8Bit - QuickTime MOV YCbCr 8 Bit
    > mov-dvcprohd - QuickTime MOV DVCProHD
    > mp4-h264 - QuickTime MOV h264
    > mxf-xdcam-720p - MXF OP1a XDCam 720p 50 4:2:2
    > mxf-dvcprohd-720p - MXF OP1a DVCPro HD 720p
    > mxf-xdcam-1080i - MXF OP1a XDCam 1080i 50 4:2:2
    > mxf-dvcprohd-1080i - MXF OP1a DVCPro HD 1080i
    > mov-prores422 - QuickTime MOV ProRes 4:2:2
    > mov-proreshq - QuickTime MOV ProRes HQ
    > mxf-OP1a-MPEG - MXF OP1a MPEG 50 4:2:2
    > mxf-OP1a-h264 - MXF OP1a h.264
    > mxf-OP1a-HDF - MXF OP1a HDF 50 4:2:2
    > mxf-as-11-hd-dpp - MXF AS-11 HD DPP
    > scaledown2000k - MP4 - Scale down to 960x540 with a target bitrate of 2mbits
    > scaledown500k - MP4 - Scale down to 480x272 with a target bitrate of 500kbits
    > mxf-as-11-sd-pal-dpp - MXF AS-11 SD PAL DPP
    > mxf-as-11-sd-ntsc-dpp - MXF AS-11 SD NTSC DPP
    > hd1080-5000kbs - MP4 - HD 1080 with a target bitrate of 5 mbs
    > hd720-2500kbs - MP4 - HD 720p with a target bitrate of 2.5 mbs
    > hd360-1250kbs - MP4 - HD 360p with a target bitrate of 1.25 mbs
    > h264-7500kbs - MP4 - Any resolution with a target bitrate of 7.5 mbs
    > Proxy-h264-5000kbs - MP4 - Any resolution with a target bitrate of 5 mbs
    > LBR-h264-10000kbs - MP4 - Any resolution with a target bitrate of 10 mbs
    > mxf-OP1a-JPEG2K - MXF OP1a JPEG-2000 4:2:2
    > mxf-AS-02-h264-10 - MXF AS-02 h.264 50 mbs
    > DASH-MP4-Multibitrate - MP4 - DASH MP4 Multibitrate
    > HLS-TS-Multibitrate - TS - HLS Multibitrate
    > TS-TR-01-JPEG-2000 - TS TR-01 JPEG-2000
    > mxf-OP1a_HBR_50 - MXF OP1a HBR 264 10 bit 50mbs
    > mp3-128kbps - MP3 bit rate 128k
    > mp4-XAVC-S_4_2_0 - MP4 Sony XAVC-S 4:2:0
    > mp4-XAVC-S_4_2_2 - MP4 Sony XAVC-S 4:2:2
    > mov-prores444 - QuickTime MOV ProRes 4:4:4
    > mov-proresxq - QuickTime MOV ProRes XQ
    > aces - ACES Image Files
    > dnxhd-mxf-720p - DNxHD 720p 50, 59, 60
    > dnxhd-mxf-1080p - DNxHD 1080p 25, 29, 30
    > dnxhd-mxf-1080i - DNxHD 1080i 25, 29, 30
    > dnxhr-mxf-10-hq - DNxHR 10 Bit
    > dnxhr-mxf-sq - DNxHR SQ
    > dnxhr-mxf-lq - DNxHR LQ
    > TS-MPEG2 - TS-MPEG2 - MPEG-2 4:2:0/passthrough transport stream
    > TS-h264 - TS-h264 - h.264 4:2:0/passthrough transport stream
    > wave - WAVE audio only
    > MXF-RDD-25 - MXF RDD-25 Proxy Writer
    > amt3-LowQuality - MXF Avid Media Low Quality Writer
    > amt3-StandardQuality - MXF Avid Media Standard Quality Writer
    > amt3-HiQuality - MXF Avid Media High Quality Writer
    > amt3-HQX_10 - MXF Avid Media HQX 10 Writer
    > amt3-DNxHD36 - MXF Avid Media DNxHD 1080 Writer
    > MP4-MultiOutput - MP4 - Multiple MP4 Output
    > HEVC-h265-10000kbs - MP4 - HEVC Any resolution with a target bitrate of 10 mbs
    > mov-xdcam - MOV - MPEG-2 50 4:2:2
    > mkv-ffv1 - MKV - FFV1 Lossless
    > dnxhr-mxf-hq - DNxHR HQ
    > mov-proreslt - QuickTime MOV ProRes LT
    > mov-proresproxy - QuickTime MOV ProRes Proxy
    > mp4-vtt-h264 - QuickTime MOV h264
    > kipro-prores-lt - QuickTime MOV ProRes LT
    > amt3-XDCam - MXF Avid Media XDCam Writer
    > amt3-Proxy - MXF Avid Media Proxy Writer
    > amt3-Uncompressed - MXF Avid Media Uncompressed Writer
    > transport_stream - h264 transport stream
    > mxf-xdcam35-1080i - MXF OP1a XDCam 1080i 35 4:2:0
    > mxf-xdcam35-1080p - MXF OP1a XDCam 1080p 35 4:2:0
    > mxf-xdcam35-720p - MXF OP1a XDCam 720p 35 4:2:0
-in <00:01:00:00> - the starting point for the output file in time code or absolute position
-out <00:02:00:00> - the ending point for the output file in time code or absolute position
-absin <200> - the absolute (zero based) start time for the output file (overrides -in)
-tcoffset <00:01:00:00> - Offset the time code by this amount
-tc <01:00:00:00> - Replace the output time code starting with this time code
-ub <ABCD0123> - Replace the output userbits with these userbits
-absout <400> - the absolute (zero based) end time, exclusive, for the output file (overrides -out)
-width <width> - output width of the video (only for arbitrary codecs like h264, hevc and prores)
-height <height> - output height of the video (if not set, the input size or codec size will be used)
-copy - make a copy of the file section we need, instead of reading directly
-dest - folder or folder and file name for the temp file when using copy
-dest <folder> - folder or folder and file name for the temp file when using copy
-cc <mcc/scc file> - replacement closed caption file>
-afile <path-audio-file> - replacement source audio track<s>
-v <path-video-file> - replacement source video track
-stereo - force a stereo pair (mix down) output
-aroute <12345678/auto> - route channels to specific outputs
-uuid <uuid string> - override the UUID of the file with this one
-kilobitrate <kbit rate> - override the kilo bit rate
-h26xprofile <baseline / main / high / high10 / high422 / high444> - override the profile type
-h26xlevel <51> - override the level
-encodemode <0 / 1> - 0 normal, 1 fastest
-gopsize <15> - size of encoded gop
-scenedetect <0> - aggressiveness of scene detection (0-100)
-tempfolder - Temporary folder to store partial file
-alignment - Alignment value for any temporary partial files, for GetCopyInOut profile
-flags flag - Extra flags for special operations
    allSubAudioTracks, aiProfileID-##, audiofirstonly, audioforce8channels, ccExtractChannel-##, ccOutputDirectory-**, convert708to608, use708CompatibiltyBytes, deinterlace-all, deinterlace-auto, deinterlace-sd, deinterlace-hd1080, forceinterlaced, forceprogressive, deinterlace-motionadaptive, deinterlace-yadif, deinterlace-edge, deinterlace-triangle, deinterlace-fieldduplication, eMamAssetID-##, eMamCategory-**, eMamProxyID-##, extractCCLine21, fixOut, forceCCVidStream, forceCaptions, forceAudioMono, forceAudioStereo, forceAudioBlock, forceOutputFramerate-##, fpsCompensation-##, frameAccurate, interplay, interpretFileEncoding-##, markFirstTime, multi, nocache, notifyeMam, offsetTC-##, overrideTC-##, outIsDuration, proxyAfterRecord, overrideextension, proxyDisable, proxyEnable, proxyRecord, rtinReplaceSource, sampleaccurate, shuffleAudio, testMode, processdiscontinuities, tctype24/25/df/ndf/50/59/60, timeConversion, timeIsMs, use2channelsonly, zeroBasedOutput
-m - Save the metadata in an XMP file
-fg - force the GUI on
-fc - force command line
NOTE: the parameters in [square brackets] are optional.

For JPEG picons/thumbnails

-pisrc <file-to-picon> - source for the image
-pidst <where-to-make-picon> - target folder and name
-pisize <size> - size of picon, 100%
-piframe <frame-offset-into-file> - frame to use to make the picon
-piskip <number-of-frames-to-skip> - if set, make a picon of each frame at this distance for the whole file
-width <width> - output width of the picon image

For Caption Extraction, these are the numbers to use with -p caption-#

> caption-# - eg caption-0=mcc, caption-6=SCCAUTO, etc
0=MCC, 1=AAF, 2=TEXT, 3=SCC, 4=SCCDF, 5=N0, 6=SCCAUTO
100=Avid Caption, 101=Belle Nuit Subtitler,
102=CapMaker Plus, 103=Cheetah Caption, 104=Csv, 105=Csv2, 106=Csv3,
107=D-Cine SMPTE 2007, 108=D-Cine SMPTE 2010,
109=EBU STL, 110=Final Cut Pro Xml,
111=Final Cut Xml Gap, 112=Final Cut Pro X Xml,
113=Final Cut Pro XCM, 114=Flash Xml,
115=iTunes Timed Text, 116=JSON, 117=JSON Type 2,
118=JSON Type 3, 119=JSON Type 4, 120=QuickTime text,
121=SAMI, 122=SAMI modern, 123=Scenarist, 124=DVD_SCC,
125=DVD_SCCDF, 126=SoftNi sub, 127=Sony DVDArchitect,
128=Sony DVD Exp dur, 129=Sony DVD line/dur,
130=Sony DVD Tabs, 131=SubRip, 132=Sub Station Alpha,
133=Swift V2, 134=Timed Text 1.0, 135=TT 2006-04 .dfxp,
136=TT 2006-04 .ttml, 137=TT 2006-04 .xml, 138=WebVTT,
139=YT Annotations, 140=YouTube sbv,
141=YouTube Transcript, 142=D-Cinema interop,
143=WebVTT-webvtt, 144=SMPTE-TT 2052,
145=Netflix Timed Text
-q Quiet mode
-l Loud mode
-r 01:00:00:00 Override time code start
-R -00:30:00:00 Offset time codes (e.g. subtract half an hour)
-0 Zero based time code output
-1 Mark this first time code in file
-h # eMAM source clip ID
-s Force CC in video stream
-X Extract CC from line 21 (SD only)
-M # CC channel to extract (def: 1)
-C Use 608 compatibility bytes (not 708)
-c # Convert closed captioning to
-f # Force output frame rate (23, 24, 25, 29, 30)
-g # Compensate conversion (2324, 2423, 2930, 3029)
-o <out-dir> CC output directory
-E # Interpret input file using encoding

0=Auto, 1=UTF-8, 2=UTF-16, 3=IBM-850, 4=IBM-860, 5=Windows-1252

Content Source Support

The complete list of supported formats, codecs and metadata is too long to publish, but what follows is a rough guide to the kind of content sources supported by Net-X-Convert and Net-X-Proxy, from major software and hardware providers past and present.

Extension File Format Codec Read Proxy Write Convert Write
3GP 3GP 26x h 264, 263, 261 X    
4224 4224 YCbCr 4:2:2:4 X   X
AIFF Apple audio 16/20/24/32 bit stereo pairs X   X
ARC IFX Piranha Audio/Video (YCbCr/RGB 8 only) X    
ARI Arri Raw 12 bit bayer X    
Audio: BWF, 
Audio files 44.1/48/96 kHz 16, 20, 24 and 32 bit X    
AVC, AVCHD, MTS AVC-HD MPEG-2 camera media X    
AVI Windows DVSD, DV25, DV50, DVHD, CineForm*, CineForm3D*, YCbCr 8 & 10 SD/HD, standard codecs X   X
AVS AVS Video redirection (Windows only) X    
BRAW Blackmagic BRAW BRAW 12 bit, 3:1, 5:1, 8:1 and 12:1 X   X
CDX Codex Codex raw bayer stills X    
CINE Phantom Phantom 10, 12 and 14 bit bayer X    
CRW Canon Canon camera raw stream X    
DASH h.264 DASH Fragmented MP4 and Smooth Streaming X X X
DNG CinemaDNG 10, 12 and 16 bit bayer X   X
DPX Cineon RGB 8, RGB 10, YCbCr 4:2:2 X   X
DPX CineForm CineForm*, CineForm3D* X   X
DT3D DT3D XML 3D redirector X    
DV/DIF DV/DIF Raw DV files X    
DVS DVS Uncompressed YCbCr and RGB files X    
EXR OpenEXR High dynamic range float stills X    
fhgDI, fhgDP, fhgAP fhgDI, fhgDP, fhgAP Weisscam digimag format X    
FLM FLM Adobe FilmStrip X    
FTDIDX Index file HAC partial file restore for Pinnacle FT MPEG-ES I-frame only files X    
GEN GEN 4:2:2 YCbCr (Avid DSHD) X   X
GV XML/N0/T/I/A Grass Valley disk record native (K2) X    
GXF GXF SMPTE 360 MPEG-2, DV25, DV50, DVHD X    
H264 h.264 4:2:0 SD/HD up to 80 mbits/sec X X  
HDR YUV DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100, RGB, Uncompressed YCbCr 8 & 10 SD/HD X   X
HDV HDV MPEG-2 camera files X    
HLS h.264 HLS TS MultiRate X X X
IHSS Iridas RGB X    
ISMV ISMA Smooth Streaming h.264, AAC, WMV X    
JP2 JPEG-2000 Series of JPEG-2000 stills X   X
JS Jaleo/Mistika Sgo native 4:2:2 YCbCr X   X
KRW Kinefinity KineRAW Compressed Raw Stills and Stream X    
LUMA RMY BMY LUMA RMY BMY Uncompressed YCbCr X    
LXF Leitch/Harris DVSD, DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi50, AVCi100, MPEG-2, h.264 X    
M3U8 HLS h264, h265, TS or MP4 X X X
MKV MKV Matroska audio video, VPx, h.26x X    
MLV Magic Lantern Raw 14 bit bayer with PCM audio X    
MOV QuickTime DVSD, DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100, DNxHD*, CineForm*, CineForm3D*, RGBA, RGB-10 (DPX), YCbCr 8 & 10 SD/HD, standard codecs X   X
MOV QuickTime ProRes, h264, AVCi, MPEG-2, XDCam X   X
MOV Reference File MOV reference file pointing at h264, ProRes, DV, AVCI X    
MP1/MP2/MP3 MP1/MP2/MP3 MPEG audio X    
MP4 AVC1,h.264 Apple h.264, h.264 AVC X X X
MP4 HEVC, h.264 HEVC/265 X   X
MP4 XAVC-S Sony XAVC-S HD/4K Cameras X    
MP4 MPEG-2 Sony/Canon camera X    
MPEG MPEG-1 4:2:0 up to 15 mbits/sec X   X
MPEG MPEG-2 4:2:0/4:2:2 SD/HD up to 80 mbits/sec X   X
MPEG MPEG-4 4:2:0 up to 50 mbits/sec X   X
MTS, M2TS M2TS AVC-HD camera files X   X
MXF AS-02 AVCi, DNxHD*, DVHD, JPEG-2000 X    
MXF AS-11 DPP UK AVCi100, IMX 50 X    
MXF Avid DV25, DV50, DVHD, DNxHD*, Uncompressed X   X
MXF Canon MPEG-2 X    
MXF Digital Cinema DCI JPEG-2000 Unencrypted, Uncompressed Audio X   X
MXF EditCam DV25, DV50, DVHD, DNxHD* X    
MXF Grass Valley Grass Valley iCR X   X
MXF Harmonic MPEG-2 X    
MXF h.264/AVC MPEG-2 X    
MXF IMF IMF JPEG-2000 YCbCr, Uncompressed Audio X   X
MXF JPEG-2000*** Grass Valley Infinity X   X
MXF OP1a AmberFin, EVS, MainConcept, MOG, OpenCube, Rovi X    
MXF OP1a/Omneon DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100, Uncompressed X   X
MXF OP1b Panasonic AVCi 4K X    
MXF Panasonic-P2 DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100 X   X
MXF Pinnacle MPEG-2 SD/HD X    
MXF Snell & Wilcox MPEG-2, IMX X    
MXF Sony XDCamHD, XDCamEX 4:2:0/4:2:2 X    
MXF Sony HDCam SR 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 X   X
MXF Sony F65 raw bayer X    
MXF Sony F5, F700 raw bayer X    
MXFIDX Index file HAC partial file restore for MXF X    
OGG OGG OGG audio video X    
OMF OMF DV25, JPEG, Meridien, AVBV, CamCutter X   X
OMV OMV Uncompressed capture format X    
QNT Quantel Raw uncompressed YCbCr images X   X
R3D RED Red camera files X    
RAW ML/IOI Magic Lantern RAW, IOIndustries RAW bayer X    
RBG RED BLU GRN Uncompressed RGB X    
RMF RMF Canon C500 raw 10 bit bayer files X    
RTIN RTINDEX Real time replay of CBR and VBR records while still recording X    
RTV RTV Uncompressed Video Toaster files (Windows only) X    
SEQ Bayer Raw camera seq bayer files X    
SIV Bayer Raw camera siv bayer files X    
Stills Series of stills BMP, SGI, PSD, RAW, YUV10, YUV16, VSR, RAS, RAW, JP2, JPG - Series of stills (many others) X    
TGA Targa RGB, RGBA (RLE Play Only) X X X
TR-01 TS J2K JPEG-2000, AES3 X   X
TS Transport stream MPEG-2, h.264, h.265/HEVC, JPEG-2000, AAC, AC-3, AES3 X   X
V210 V210 4:2:2 10 bit YCbCr image sequence X X X
VC1 VC-1 WMV of raw wrapper X    
VOB VOB Unencrypted X    
VPB/QTL Quantel Quantel uncompressed YCbCr images X    
VRW Varicam Raw Panasonic Varicam Raw X    
WAV Wave audio 16/20/24/32 bit mono/stereo pairs/extensible X   X
WEBM WEBM Youtube format X    
WMV/ASF WMV/ASF Unencrypted/DRM Free only X    
XAVC X-AVC HD/4K X-AVC 264 in MXF X    
Y4M Y4M YCbCr raw stream X    
YUV YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 YCbCr image sequence X   X
Y U V YUV Multi file component YCbCr files X    


* CineForm and DNxHD file formats require an optional license.

End User License Agreement:  International  Canadian




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For more than two decades, Drastic™ has been developing cutting edge digital video solutions for television, post production and sports broadcasting, from real time web delivery to 8K broadcast.

We offer standalone software for the end user or enterprise, integrated solutions for automated workflows, and OEM tools for custom applications or branded devices.

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M8Y 1J7, Canada

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