MediaCMD Control SDK

Control External Devices with Your Application

MediaCMD Control SDK


The MediaCmd Control SDK allows your application to control external devices via RS-422 protocol.

A standard part of Drastic's DDR technologies for the past ten years, the MediaCMD Control SDK provides your application with frame accurate serial control of standard tape recorders as well as advanced digital disk recorders in an easy to use ActiveX or direct link component.  The MediaCMD Control SDK is available for Windows 32/64, OS-X and Linux 64.

All protocols are automatically available and auto sensed. Connections to devices taken off line are automatically re-established, with a new protocol if the device is changed. Unsupported features (hardware seek, auto edit, edit on/edit off, shuttle, jog, var, dmc) are emulated by the serial control layer so your software doesn't have to.

Supported Protocols:

  • Sony RS-422 Serial VTR Control
  • Sony Serial Extensions
  • Sony Digital Extensions
  • JVC Serial Extensions
  • Panasonic Serial Extensions
  • Pioneer VDR 422 Emulation
  • Pioneer Dual Head Emulation
  • Odetics Server Protocol
  • VDCP Clip Server Protocol

To see MediaCMD Control in action, check out MediaNXS.