Drastic Logos

Drastic company logos in AI and EPS:

Drastic Logo Gradient, Flat and No Background

Gradient version is preferred, unless the printing process does not do gradients well.

PNG 512x512 Drastic.tv Logo (not for print)

PNG 256x256 Drastic.tv Logo (not for print)

Drastic Colors

Drastic's main color is blue (0077B5).  The white (background) and black (font) are not full, but reduced by one.  There are three gray colors that are used throughout our website, along with four (to be used sparingly) accent colors.

Primary Colors

drastic primary colors


drastic grays


drastic accent colors

Drastic Font

Drastic's main font is 14px Roboto in either #010101 or #313335.  It may also be in Drastic blue #0077B5 or in rare occasions accent blue #00A0DC.

The font in the 'drastic.tv' load (above) is DIN Next Pro Bold (DIN Next Cyrillic Bold is an acceptable replacement).