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Combining Multiple Audio/Video Channels

Drastic Digital Disk Recorders that include more than one channel of HD or SD I/O (VVW 5002/3/4, VVW 7002, Typhon 2) may be used to combine some or all of the inputs and outputs into a single control channel. In this state only one channel appears to the RS-422, GUI or network control system, but when media is recorded or played, two or more channels of I/O are run locked together.  Please note:  This article has been superseded and it is here for reference only.


You must have a VVW Series, Titan Series or server licensed ClipRecorder DDR with more than 1 channel of I/O.

Follow these steps to modify the registry to allow channel combining.


  • Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Drastic Technologies\VVW\Advanced\VVWUNC\BoardsPerChannel to the maximum number of I/O channels to combine. Normally this is 2 for stereo or 4 for quad.
  • Run LocalConfig (VVW Series) or DDRConfig (Titan Series) and select the correct amount of video channels. Normally this is V12 for stereo or V1234 for quad.
  • In LocalConfig (VVW Series) or DDRConfig (Titan Series), select 2 audio channels per video channel. Either this, or no audio, are the only two supported setups. This means for stereo the audio would be A1234 and for quad it would be A1–8

When you run the DDR's application software, in the channel pulldown menu (in addition to any network or external channels) you should now have only 'Int. 0' which will control both (or all four) internal channels.


When running in this mode, the file names have to be set up as follows:

Channel 1 Video: test.avi
Channel 2 Video: test_1.avi
Channel 3 Video: test_2.avi
Chanenl 4 Video: test_3.avi

The audio may be internal to the first video file, but will normally be stored in external wave or aiff files, named as follows:

Audio for all channels (1 pair each)

When you record, this will be the default naming convention. When you are creating files for playback in third party software you will need to make sure the naming is compatible.

QuickClip MDI

You can also achieve synchronized playback and recording using multiple channels or multiple DDRs within the QuickClip software (not QuickClipXO, but rather the older MDI software) for more comprehensive control.

QuickClip MDI Synchronized Recording Feature

The sync record dialog in QuickClip allows you to control 2 or more channels internal to the VVW server and start their records at the same time. Please see the QuickClip manual for more information.

SyncControl Pro Option

SyncControl Pro is a user interface that can control up to 255 individual channels of VVW or Titan Series DDRs, or QuickClip, MediaNXS, or DTouch installs' I/O from a Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux or Unix based computer. It can start multiple, synchronous records or playback using arbitrary media clips on each systems selected locally or by SyncControl Pro.

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