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Video Review Workflow Comparisons

FlowCaster Swirl

A comparison of's real time video collaboration tool with other tools in the industry. is the only live edit review workflow that allows for instaneous feedback of edits, high quality over the sholder monitoring, deep integration into Adobe and Avid editors, along with a secure set of web based and local tools to allow time code locked, instantaneous review of all your video assets and sequences.



Video Review Workflow Comparisons

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Moxion by Sohonet
Live Edit Review
Synchronous Review
Asynchronous Review
Live Event Review
Browser Based - no install
Includes Timed Comments
Include Live Interactive Comments
Emoji Support
Includes Live Voice Chat
Includes Live Video Chat
Live edit changes during session
Instant update for any editor changes
Realtime Timeline Markers
High quality 3rd Monitor
Multi Channel Audio
Closed Caption Support
Sub 100ms Latency
Time Code Locked Draw/Comment
Optional Watermark/Burn in TC
GPU Enc/Dec Support
Millicast/Dolby Support
Adobe Plugins included
Avid Plugins Included
Resolve Plugin Included
Any File Player Tool Included
SRT/RIST Support
RTMP Support For Large Groups
HDR10/HLG Support
iOS App
Apple TV App
Android App
Mobile Web Optimized Interface
Collaborative Drawing Tools
Collaborative Comment System
Frame IO fioxml Support
Adobe Premiere Import/Export
Adobe Premiere Live Video Panel
Export To Adobe
Export To Avid
Export To Resolve
Export To Final Cut
Encryption End to End
Designed for Edit
Designed for On Set Capture
Guest Contributors
Optional SDI Support
Optional IP Video Support
Optional Edit While Capture Premiere
Optional Edit While Capture Interplay
Requires External Meeting System
Requires Rendering
Requires File Upload
Files on someone else's server
Uses OBS 8 bit desktop capture
Requires separate acquisition hardware
Requires Special Sync Setup
Optional On Set Software Assimilate Adobe Avid Resolve videoQC++QTake (required)Avid; Adobe; Autodesk+Vendor LockVendor Lock
Maximum Quality 4:2:2 HEVC104:2:0 h.2644:2:0 h.2644:2:0 h.2644:2:0 h.2644:2:0 h.2644:2:0 h.2644:2:0 h.264JPEG2K4:2:2 HEVC10
Cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This chart was generated with the best public available information as of March 2022.  If you feel any of it is in error, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with corrections and we will validate and update the chart immediately.  For more information, please see for more infomation.

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