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FlowCaster Live Edit Review

FlowCaster SwirlUse FlowCaster on the site for real time group review of edit sessions anywhere in the world, without rendering or uploading your media to a server! receives audio/video/captions/time code from the editor's output in real time, while providing a shared area of talk, webcam, commenting, and collaborative drawing (telestration), all time code locked to your edit. 

Changes can be made in real time, or noted in the comments and drawing, and saved for later retrieval. All the comments and drawings can be loaded as markers back into Premiere, Media Composer, Resolve and many others. With Premiere, our custom panel provides a sync locked output image with overlays and comments, to allow the editor to see the required changes, without leaving Premiere. Full integration with Frame.IO is also supported via fioxml files.

flowcaster live edit review


To set up a edit review session, the editor will need to install the included FlowCaster plugins onto the edit system.  The edit system can be one of the following:

  • Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Character Creator/or other Transmitter compatible software 
  • Avid Media Composer/NewsCutter or other OpenIO compatible software
  • Assimilate SCRATCH
  • Resolve/Flame/Smoke/Nuke or other OpenFX compatible software
  • Any system with an SDI or HDMI out, using the FlowCaster App and a compatible AJA/Bluefish444/Blackmagic/Matrox capture board

Once installed, the FlowCaster app can be used to configure the output to work with the live edit session.  Generally, the editor will create a new session on and then add the URL to the local configuration and send the link to all of the collaborators.  As each participant logs in, the current comments and telestration will be shared so everyone is seeing the same information.


Once the session is open, everyone involved can add time code accurate telestration, emoji and comments that everyone else in the session, including the editor, will see.  The editor can use a web browser to add comments and telestration, and the browser will automatically highlight comments and display telestration for the time code point in the sequence the editor is working on.  For Adobe editors, our custom Adobe Extension Panel can be used to monitor the comments, and also to import/export the comments and telestration as time code markers and images.  Avid, Resolve and other workflows can also import the markers exported from the sessions.  Once the session is complete, the editor can continue to use it, or download it and upload directly into the editor, or re upload it to a new session at a later time.  If further group work is needed, then anyone with the previous session can upload it to a new session, and continue seamlessly from where they left off.


  • Requires a compatible software:  Adobe, Avid, Assimilate, Nucoda, Autodesk, videoQC, etc
  • Requires installation of the FlowCaster software (included with your subscription)
  • The editor software, via the FlowCaster, provides audio, video, time code, and captions to the session
  • Any changes to the edit are instantaneously displayed to all participants
  • Everyone has the ability to comment, add telestration to the video, and see and hear webcam video and audio shared through the system
  • There is a free optional panel for Adobe software for import/export and monitoring
  • There are compatible import/exports for Adobe, Avid, Resolve, EDL and
  • The video is never on anyone else's server.  It is end to end encrypted and pasted directly to the participant's browser
  • The browser's video is extremely low latency (generally a couple of frames)
  • All participants have a full copy of the session metadata, but it is not saved on any external servers (peer to peer)
  • Sessions may be reloaded for further consideration, or checked with an editor using time code lock
  • Markers can be imported from a session to all major editors
  • Adobe Premiere can import comments as markers and telestration as images displayed over the timeline

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