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FlowCaster SwirlUsing FlowCaster with the site may require some setup for your corporate firewall.  This is especially true if your system is running in a cloud environment like Amazon, Google or Azure.  By default these, and many other environments, completely lock down the internet access.  To use, some standard ports must be opened up. 


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Update your firewalls to allow media traffic to flow to and from your institution.
For WebRTC media traffic (audio and video), set up outbound UDP port 3478 and UDP ports 49152 through 65535.
For web traffic and user authentication, use port 443.


These ports are allowed without any IP limitation
Collaborate will communicate to the destination port received when the client makes its connection.
Collaborate uses HTML5 Web Socket traffic for some control and signaling traffic.
For WebRTC audio and video media traffic, UDP 50000, TCP 3478, or TLS 443 can be used over TURN if UDP ports 49152 through 65535 are blocked.

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