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FileBrowse Parameters

dt logo 1.5inch(This page contains legacy information and is here for reference only) Drastic server software includes an HTTP server for local or remote control/access from a standard web browser. One of the files, FileBrowse.html, allows for file selection from selected drives using the web browser. Depending on the command line, FileBrowse can be used to save, load, add, or open files without direct access to the file system.

The http web browser format for FileBrowse.html is as follows:



Where XX is one of the following:


  • SR – Save record path
  • OC – Open or new Clip Space
  • OT – Open or new TC Space, ::VTR_TC and Conform space
  • OF – Open or new ::Film space
  • AC – Add media to clip bin (clip mode)
  • AT – Add media to TC Space, ::VTR_TC and Conform space
  • SX – Save a file (general, not used by XO)
  • OX – Open a file (general, not used by XO)


This can be called separately from QuickClipXO, but the software must be running for the web server


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