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videoQC QC In Your Browser

dt logo 1.5inchvideoQC software supports playing back a wide variety of file formats, including MXF/MP4/MOV/AVI, image sequences like DNG/EXR/TIFF/TGA, camera raw files like Cine/KRW/MLV/DNG, and even more esoteric files like AAF, IMF, DCP, AS-02, OP Atom, Raw, and JPEG-XS.  Because videoQC includes a FlowCaster component, these files can also be streamed out to your browser/webrtc/srt/udp/rtp/2110/cdi/ndi viewer.  videoQC also includes a REST api that allows remote control of the stream from the browser for loading, playing, pausing, seeking and setting up your file QC session.

videoQC - QC In Your Browser

To QC files in your browser, you will need to install videoQC and FlowCaster on your system. 

Run FlowCaster to set up the BLS stream. Select the Config tab and click on the Creative Software button.

For QC in your browser, set the Transmit Type to Browser Live Stream (BLiSs Protocol), and set the URL to bls://

videoQC FlowCaster BLS Setup

Next, set the Structure to IPPP for lower latency and the Bit Rate to 5000 or more for higher quality. 

Once the FlowCaster settings above have been confirmed, run videoQC, and click on the settings menu

videoQC Setup FC Out

Confirm that Enable FlowCaster Out is checked. This will make videoQC send whatever it is playing back to the FlowCaster target. 

Confirm that IgnoreHTTP is not checked further down, or you will not be able to control the playback.

To start QC'ing, load a file into videoQC via "open file", drag & drop, command line, or rest command.  Point your browser at:

(or you can use your machine's actual IP address) and you should see something like this:

videoQC BLS Monitoring

This address will only let you monitor the output of the playback.  To control it as well, go to either


(depending on your configuration) and from there you can control and QC the video, audio and optionally overlaid closed captions.

Browser BLS QC


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Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, and Copyrights

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