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How To Delete Your Google Store FlowCaster Account

FlowCaster SwirlDrastic Technologies maintains an account for each of the users who have downloaded a free FlowCaster app from the Google store. This account retains very little actual contact information.

If you prefer to maintain a low profile online though, this account can be very easily deleted once you are done using it. Here is how.

How To Delete Your Account

To delete your Drastic Technologies FlowCaster account in the Google store, run the application.

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Click the Delete My Account button at the bottom of the screen. Follow up by clicking OK. That's it.

Your account will be deleted and all of the information we have collected will also be discarded.

What Information Do We Keep In The First Place?

When you download the FlowCaster app, we only collect the name you entered, and your email address. When you delete the account we permanently delete this data.

There is no additional retention period for this data.

If you have additional questions you can view our Privacy Policy, or you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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