4KScope - Training Mode

4k 1004KScope version 6 and greater includes a training mode for use at educational institutions that purchase 4KScope. It is also available free for personal use. In this mode, the various scopes can be accessed using internal multi pattern video to practice or learn how to use waveform monitors/vectorscopes.  All of the video scopes are enabled in this mode, and it does not require any hardware.


4KScope Training Mode

If there is no AJA, BlueFish444, Blackmagic or DirectShow video board in the system 4KScope is installed on, it will go into 'Training Mode' automatically.  If you have one of these boards, you can enable training mode by clicking on the Setup (the button with a gear icon) and clicking the training mode checkbox at the bottom of the dialog


The software will have to be restarted for it to enter training mode.

Using Training Mode

Using 4KScope in training mode is essentially the same as using it in live mode, except that when you select a signal format, color space and transfer mode, an appropriate test multi pattern will be generated and used to feed the scope.  The multi patterns will generate most of the standard patterns used in video testing, in the correct color space and transfer mode, from CCIR-601, Rec.709, BT.2020 and even HDR10. The available patterns include:

NTSC 601

NTSC Pattern

PAL 601

 PAL Pattern

HD1080 709

 HD Rec 709 Pattern

QHD HDR10 709

QHD Rec 709 + HDR10 Pattern

QHD HDR10 2020

QHD BT 2020 + HDR10 Pattern

To look at particular parts of the multi patterns, the line select can be used.