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Exporting from videoQC

videoqc logo 3smallvideoQC Inspect and videoQC Workstation include the ability to re-wrap, convert and export all or parts of files they are playing.  This article explains how to set up profiles, set start and end points, and export to new files.

videoQC File Export

To export a file, or part of a file, from videoQC, you will first need to open it.  Once it is opened in the player, select the "export media" menu.

vqc exportmenu

This will bring up the 'Export Media' dialog

vqc exportmediadialog

This lets you set the start and end position as absolute time, or by time code. To use time code, click on the Time Code Source label (upper right, in the Above diagram it displays "Absolute") and change it to one of the available time code types. The first and last frames will be displayed in the two thumbnails. These can be set by dragging the white lines at the front and back of the blue progress bar, or by going to the location in the player and clicking the 'set in' or 'set out' buttons. The area to be exported can be played with the preview button, and optionally, different audio or closed caption files can be substituted.

To start the actual conversion or re-wrap process, click on the process label.  If you you have already made presets, you can select one and the conversion will begin in the background.  If you have not created any profiles, you can create them with 'Edit Profiles'.

vqc exportprofilesmenu

videoQC supports export to the following formats:

ACES Image Files - this is an information request
cardinfo - this is an information request
clipfiles - this is an information request
dir - this is an information request
DNxHD 1080p 25, 29, 30
DNxHD 720p 50, 59, 60
DNxHD1080i 25, 29, 30
DNxHR 10 Bit
examine - this is an information request
getCopyInOut - this is an information request
h264 transport stream (special setup required)
KiPro MOV ProRes LT
md5 - this is an information request
metadata - this is an information request
MKV - FFV1 Lossless
MOV - MPEG-2 50 4:2:2
MP3 bit rate 128k
MP4 - any resolution with a target bitrate of 10 mbs
MP4 - any resolution with a target bitrate of 5 mbs
MP4 - any resolution with a target bitrate of 7.5 mbs
MP4 - HD360p with a target bitrate of 1.25 mbs
MP4 - HEVC Any bitrate of 10 mbs
MP4 - Multiple MP4 Output
MP4 - Scaledown to 480x2... target bitrate of 500kbits
MP4 - Scaledown to 960x5... target bitrate of 2mbits
MP4 Sony XAVC-S 4:2:0
MP4 Sony XAVC-S 4:2:2
MP4-DASH MP4 Multibitrate
MXF AS-02 h.264 50 mbs
MXF Avid Media DNxHD 1080 Writer
MXF Avid Media HQX 10 Writer
MXF Avid Media Low Quality Writer
MXF Avid Media Proxy Writer
MXF Avid Media Standard Quality Writer
MXF Avid Media Uncompressed Writer
MXF Avid Media XDCam Writer
MXF Avid Media High Quality Writer
MXF OP1a DVCPro HD 1080i
MXF OP1a DVCPro HD 720p
MXF OP1a h.264
MXF op1a HBR 264 10 bit 50mbs
MXF OP1a HDF 50 4:2:2
MXF OP1a JPEG-2000 4:2:2
MXF OP1a MPEG 50 4:2:2
MXF OP1a XDCam 1080i 35 4:2:0
MXF OP1a XDCam 1080i 50 4:2:2
MXF OP1a XDCam 1080p 35 4:2:0
MXF OP1a XDCam 720p 35 4:2:0
MXF OP1a XDCam 720p 50 4:2:2
MXF RDD-25 Proxy Writer
picon – creates a small jpg image
QuickTime DVCProHD
QuickTime MOV h264
QuickTime MOV ProRes 4:4:4
QuickTime MOV ProRes HQ
QuickTime MOV ProRes LT
QuickTime MOV ProRes Proxy
QuickTime MOV ProRes XQ
QuickTime MOV YCbCr 8 Bit
TS TR-01 JPEG-2000 (special setup required)
TS-h264 - h.264 4:2:0/passthrough transport stream (special setup required)
TS-HLS Multibitrate (special setup required)
TS-MPEG2 - MPEG-2 4:2:2:...rough transport stream
WAVE audio only
Wrap clip - same as source
xmp - this is an information request

(* licensable formats)

The edit profiles menu will bring up the Profile Editor dialog 

vqc editexportprofiles

From here you can make a new profile, or edit previous profiles, by clicking the Create button

vqc createprofile

When you click 'OK', the new profile will be added and selected so you can add conversions to it.  This will also be the profiles' name in the process menu.  To add a conversion to a profile, click the '+' button

vqc exportconversionoptions

This dialog allows you to set a target directory and the kind of conversion you want. Below is the profile dialog after adding an MXF XDCam and MP4 Proxy conversion to it. In this case, when you select this profile, it will create both an MP4 and an MXF from the original file

vqc profilewithtwoconversion

Once the profile editor is closed, the new profile(s) will show up in the process menu.  Selecting it will cause the conversions to start.


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