54 DrasticDDRs record the latest NASA launch

NASA's Wallops Flight Facility records launch with 1 Beyond and Drastic. 1 Beyond has integrated 54 Drastic DDRs for synchronized capture and playback to record a full three days of launch activity.


September 18th, 2013. Today NASA launched the Orbital Sciences/Cygnus Mission aboard an Antares rocket under the watchful eye of 44 frame synchronized Drastic DDR recorders and 10 Drastic DDR players. The system, designed and installed by www.1beyond.com, allows NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia to record the full 72 hours of the launch, starting up to two days before and ending hours after the launch.


At any time during and after recording, up to 10 channels can be played back in sync at any speed, from any time of the launch. IRIG time code is embedded in all of the recording channels, and the material is also available during record to their Adobe Premiere editors using Drastic's Edit-While-Record MediaReactor Workstation plug in.

Support for a number of record formats enhances workflow flexibility and compatibility. All material is moved off to a 144TBs EzHDSAN Shared Storage and the system is ready to record again.


Video of the launch is available here:



1Beyond has put together a great overview of the entire system here:



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